The Benefits of Keratin Smoothing Treatments

Hair Smoothing Treatments At Mova Hair Salons In Middlesex & Surrey

Keratin hair smoothing treatments have surged in popularity in recent years, delivering transformative results to tired, frizzy, and unmanageable hair. These treatments work to add a protective layer to the hair shaft and in doing so, enable hair to retain more moisture and shine. 

Our keratin treatments nourish the hair from within, sealing the cuticles and locking in moisture. The result of these expert in-salon treatments? Shinier, smoother, more manageable tresses. 

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Understanding Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatments


Keratin is a naturally occurring protein that supports the health of our skin, hair, and nails. Known as a building block, it plays an important role in supporting hair durability and growth. Keratin works to protect hair fibres, safeguarding them from a range of pollutants and environmental factors that cause damage and dehydrate our hair. 

At Mova Salons, we offer three professional Alfaparf Lisse keratin hair smoothing treatments to optimise your hair health, repair damage, and protect your hair from future breakage. During treatments, your stylist will apply the keratin formula to your locks and activate the protective layer with heat and glyoxylic acid to aid smoothness. Our three targeted treatments work wonders on all hair types.

Discipline Keratin Treatment

Designed for people with curly or very curly hair, this specialised keratin smoothing treatment optimises curl health and improves hair texture. Frizz-eliminating results can last up to four months depending on aftercare. 

Keratin Hair Lamination

if you are struggling with dullness or brittleness, this treatment can transform your hair and achieve smooth and shiny results for up to 9 weeks depending on aftercare. 

Keratin Precision Treatment

 If you have curly or wavy hair and want polka-smooth precision, this treatment delivers incredible results by smoothing hair cuticles. Hair will look smoother and shinier and enjoy added protection from UV stress and environmental pollution for up to four months. 

Our stylists can analyse your hair type and determine the best keratin hair smoothing treatment for your unique needs. 

The Benefits of Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatments at Mova Salons 

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If you’re struggling with brittle, frizzy, or lacklustre hair, it might be time to consider our nourishing keratin hair smoothing treatments. Results include: 

Shinier, smoother locks 

Keratin treatments smooth hair cells to make hair more manageable and eliminate frizz. These treatments add more shine to hair by temporarily bonding hair strands together. This reduces the appearance of split ends, resulting in smoother, silkier hair. 

Easier hair manageability 

If your hair is very thick or prone to frizz, our keratin smoothing treatments can aid manageability. Keratin treatments can speed up hair drying time and reduce the amount of frizz by smoothing hair cells. 

Lasting hair smoothing results 

Our keratin treatments can last up to four months, delivering long-lasting results. During your treatment, we’ll advise you on the best aftercare tips to ensure longevity. We can also recommend hair products, including sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that will ensure longer-lasting results and better hair health. 

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