Mova Policies

Mova Cancellation Policy

We require 48 hours' cancellation notice for all appointments. Late cancellations will result in you losing your deposit. We will also ask you to pay a 50% deposit before your next appointment.

No Show Policy

If you miss your appointment, we will charge you 50% of your missed appointment payment.  We will also ask you to pay a 50% deposit before your next appointment.

Mova Deposits Policy

A £20.00 deposit is required to secure appointment slots.  Any appointments over 70 minutes will require a 50% deposit. 

Mova Refund Policy

Our priority is for every client to leave Mova satisfied with every service we provide. In rare instances, we aim to correct any mistakes within one week, in the same salon with the same stylist. We do not offer refunds on services due to this policy, on both services and products. If you are unhappy with a product, we can offer a straight swap to a different product with the same value or pay the difference if necessary.


Consultations are a 10-minute booking to meet our team of hair specialists, who will assess your hair & give professional advice on how to achieve your hair goals.  Consultations are charged at £10 which is redeemable upon your next booking. Consultations are non-refundable if you choose not to book a follow-up appointment. 

The Young Ones

Please be aware that children's prices are unavailable on Fridays & Saturdays due to these being the busiest days at Mova. 

Skin Testing / Hair Colour Policy

New clients or clients who have not had hair colour in three months or longer, require a skin test 48 hours prior to colour appointment.  A patch test is also required 48 hours before any colour applied to the scalp. 

You may also be interested to learn that MOVA uses VISH which measures every gram of colour that we use for services. The many benefits of this include:

● Measuring colour accurately

● Eliminating colour waste with the environment in mind

● Keep consistent colour results when seeing a different colourist

● Customised pricing for every client

If the standard amount of colour is used in a service, pricing will not change. However, if you require more colour than that, we can now calculate the additional cost of the service.

So, if we need to use extra colour on your visit, the additional amount will be added to your bill. Rest assured we have full transparency when extra colour is used and we will let you know if there’s an increase in your charges.

The great news is by now being able to customize not only your colour but your pricing, we are able to provide fair pricing for all of our customers.

Our ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of product that we waste, saving you money and protecting our environment. 

The main things that will factor into needing additional colour are: 

● How long it has been since we last saw you 

● How long and thick your hair is 

● What you’d like to achieve with your colour

Please note all exact colour quotations will now be given by your colourist.

Thank you for your understanding & co-operation with the above.