Men’s Hair

The Best Gents’ Hair Cuts, Styles & Beard Trims at Mova Hair Salons in Staines & Virginia Water

Men’s hair cuts and styles are more versatile than ever before so if you’re looking for a classic gent’s style or the latest trend, you’re in good hands at our two Mova Hairdressing.  We have clients who visit us from Sunbury to Shepperton and Windsor to Weybridge!

A top quality gent’s haircut is essential if you want to make the right impression, so your experienced stylist will talk to you about the look you want to achieve and offer you style advice for when you leave the salon.  Perhaps you want the latest quiffed look with a fade, a disconnected style, a texturised men’s hair style or a simple beard trim.

Check out these men’s hairstyles for inspiration. If you see a style you’d like to try out, book in for your gents’ hair cut using the links below:

Hair Colour for Men

We’ve seen an increase in men choosing to colour their hair, so if you want to pep up your hair colour or maybe colour over some grey hairs, book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation with one of our colour experts.

Adding colour to your hair can make you appear younger and give your look more interest. We can make your hair colour as natural or as avant-garde as you want. If you want to hide some grey hair, we can offer a complete cover up or simply camouflage grey hair with a look that is natural and subtle.

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