Hair Prices

CUT & BLOWDRYING Stylist Advanced Stylist Senior Stylist Master Stylist Director Artistic Director
Ladies Cut & Finish £37 £47 £51 £56 £62 £68
Men's Cut & Finish £26 £34 £37 £41 £45 £47
Fringe Trim Complimentary on the day or £10 pre-booked
Blowdry (short) £24 £27 £30 £34 £37 £39
Blowdry (long) £28 £30 £34 £37 £39 £41
Blowdry (set & dressed) £30 £34 £37 £40 £43 £45
Hair Up £47 £47 £47 £47 £47 £47
Hair Up(set & dressed) £58 £58 £58 £58 £58 £58
THE YOUNG ONES - Valid Tuesday – Thursday
Under4 £13 £13 £13 £13 £13 £13
Boys (Aged 5-13) £24 £24 £24 £24 £24 £24
Girls (Aged 5-13) £32 £32 £32 £32 £32 £32
Boys (Aged 14-16) £26 £26 £26 £26 £26 £26
Girls (Aged 14-16) £37 £37 £37 £37 £37 £37
CREATIVE COLOUR - (includes tone) Colourist Advanced Colourist Senior Colourist Colour Specialist
Balayage / Freehand / Ombre / Change of Colour Per Hour From £84 £95 £105 £116
Bleach & Tone From £71 £78 £83 £89
New Growth From £47 £51 £56 £60
All Over From £58 £62 £66 £70
Colour Toner From £15 £15 £15 £15
Men's Grey Blend £24 £24 £24 £24
Single Foils £5 £5 £5 £5
T-Section From £47 £51 £56 £60
1/2 Head From £60 £64 £68 £75
3/4 Head From £66 £70 £75 £81
Full Head From £72 £77 £85 £92
We recommend to upgrade your colour with Olaplex or Fusio, to give protection to the hair and lock your colour service in. Please speak to your technician for further details.

HAIR EXTENSIONS Technician Senior Technician
Application (30 minutes) £50 £55
Application (60 minutes) £90 £100
Removal (3 months+) £55 £55
Specialist hair smoothing treatment
Lasts up to 6 weeks
Lasts up to 3 months
Partial £50 £70
Short £100 £160
Medium £110 £180
Long £120 £200
MOVA would love to be a part of your wedding day! Contact the salon by emailing and we will create a bespoke wedding package to suit your special day.
For our full menu of Express and Deep conditioning treatments please click here or ask reception for more information.


  • Consultations are a 10 minute booking to meet our team of hair specialists, who will assess your hair & give professional advice on how to achieve your hair goals. 
  • Consultations are charged at £10 which is redeemable upon your next booking.
  • Consultations are non-refundable if you choose not to book a follow-up appointment. 


  • All colour prices are liable to have a surcharge, dependant on time, colour usage, hair length or thickness.
  • Hair colour includes a complimentary blast finish, please book a blowdry for styling.
  • New clients or clients who have not had hair colour in 3 months or longer, require a skin test 48 hours prior to colour appointment.


MOVA has launched a new colour system called VISH that measures every gram of colour that we use for services. The many benefits of this include:
● Measuring colour accurately

● Eliminating colour waste with the environment in mind

● Keep consistent colour results when seeing a different colourist

● Customized pricing for every client

If the standard amount of colour is used in a service, pricing will not change. However, if you require more colour than that, we can now calculate the additional cost of the service.

So, if we need to use extra colour on your visit, the additional amount will be added to your bill. Rest assured we have full transparency when extra colour is used and we will let you know if there’s an increase in your charges.

The great news is by now being able to customize not only your colour but your pricing, we are able to provide fair pricing for all of our customers.

Our ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of product that we waste, saving you money and protecting our environment. 

The main things that will factor into needing additional colour are: 

● How long it’s been since we’ve seen you 

● How long and thick your hair is 

● What you’d like to achieve with your colour

Please note all exact colour quotations will now be given by your colourist.


  • Please book in for a consultation so we can assess your hair and explain the results you can expect. We can also give you a direct quote for this service at that time.
  • Nanokeratin hair smoothing is suitable for all hair types including colour treated and chemically processed hair. 


  • Mova work with Easilocks, Balmain and Cinderella hair extensions.  All hair orders must be placed three working days before application date. 
  • Please book in for a hair extensions consultation so we can give you a breakdown of the price for your chosen extensions and desired look.  
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