Amber Hopkins

Our apprentice Amber Hopkins joined the Mova family in 2015 and is learning the skills it takes to become a qualified hairdresser.  She hopes to qualify in October 2017.   Let’s find out more about Amber here… 

What do you love about hairdressing?  I love learning at The Mova Training Academy. The best part for me is hair up, as it allows me to show off my creativity.
What’s the best part of your job?  I love seeing my clients happy and pleased with what I have done for them.
Who or what inspires you to create great hair?  I am inspired daily when I work at Mova, watching team members at higher levels creating beautiful hairstyles.
Which three hair products would you want with you if you were stranded on a desert island?  Kerastase Discipline shampoo and conditioner and heat protection shine spray.
How would you describe yourself in three words? Easy-going, giggly and chatty.