The Ultimate Quick Messy Ponytail

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We all have those days where we want to rock the casual but chic look and there's only one hair style that completes that look - the messy ponytail. The messy ponytail pairs perfectly with your comfiest baggy jumper for those lazy days we all need. We’ve got a quick way you can do this and still look sassy.

Step 1 - Thankfully this look is perfect for second-day hair - maybe even third, the more texture the better!

Step 2 - Spray some dry shampoo through the roots of your hair and brush through ensuring all knots are out.

Step 3 - Pull all hair into a ponytail, you choose how high or low you would like it!

Step 4 - Pull out your baby hairs and any extra hair you would like to add edge to your look.

Step 5 - Secure any fly away hair or bumps you don't want showing with bobby pins.

Step 6 - Scrunch your ponytail with some sea salt spray for a messier look.

Step 7 - Set the hair with some spray and done! You can now rock your messy ponytail look wherever you go!

Tip - Add a small braid running from the root of your hair to the end and tie with a clear plastic tie - adding depth to your effortless look!

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