How To Get An Effortless Top Knot

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hair trends, mova hair salons, staines and virginia waterThe Top Knot has been modelled by almost every ‘it girl’ from Cara Delevingne to Blake Lively back in the 00’s. However, what should be a quick fix for a bad hair day can turn into half an hour in front of the mirror looking more like a bird’s nest a than a supermodel. Not to worry, we have the answer!

Get the perfect Top Knot in four simple steps;

1 – Second day hair is perfect for a top knot but if you’ve got squeaky clean locks don’t worry, spray in some dry shampoo for the same texture. Now give your hair a bit of volume by fluffing it with your fingers and pull it back into a ponytail.

2- Add moose to the pony tail, not your roots, and work it through. Twist your hair and use the top half of your hair to make a ballerina bun leaving the ends to hang free.

3 – Spread this loose hair over the ballerina bun. Pull a hairband over the top of everything and rap the hairband around twice.

4 – Pin down any fly away hairs and use your fingers to loosen the bun. Now all you need to do is set with a quick spray hairspray and voilà one perfect effortless Top Knot. Simple!

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