Smartbond Hair Repair

Smartbond Protection for Coloured Hair at Mova Hair Salons in Virginia Water & Staines 

Smartbond Hair Repair Treatments Smartbond Hair Repair Treatments

You can now add strength and shine to coloured hair using a great new treatment called Smartbond.  This fantastic treatment protects and strengthens your hair during the hair colouring process, leaving you with softer, shinier, healthier hair.

Talk to your colourist about adding smartbond to your hair colour service which will transform your hair in just 10 minutes.

It can also be used to improve the condition of hair that has been over-processed – perhaps you’ve used a home hair dye kit and it has gone wrong, or you’ve bleached your hair with disastrous results.  We are hair colour experts and can help fix your colour problems as well as creating the most beautiful hair colours around.

Give your local Mova hairdressers a call using the links below to book your hair colour appointment. Smartbond prices start at £15.

Smartbond Hair Repair Treatments