NEW! Genesis

Kerastase Genesis

NEW! Genesis by Kerastase

The revolutionary solution to help reduce hair-fall, add more fibre strength & more hair resilience. 

We know you’ll fall in love with this range, just as we have, & to celebrate, take advantage of our limited time offer:

Purchase any 2 Genesis products & we will treat you to a free fusio-dose worth £15 on your next salon appointment!

With Genesis there is an anti hair-fall routine for every hair type! 

Like your mood or your body, your hair can be affected by life challenges and particularly stress. Poor sleep, stress peaks at work, pregnancy… it affects the skin’s sensitivity leaving your scalp vulnerable to microinflammation. Progressively the bulb detaches itself from the scalp and you start finding hair everywhere. 

Another one of the main causes of hair-fall is breakage. Your hair can be stressed by heat-styling tools, environmental pollution, brushing, friction from a towel or the frequent use of elastic bands. 

All these actions can damage and weaken tresses, the hair breaks off and can snap in the middle creating thinner, weaker hair overall. Even if it is still growing from the root, the follicle is triggered by these external factors and daily stressors. So when you see hair on your brush or in your shower drain it may not have fallen from the roots but may be caused by hair breakage.

The Genesis range is here to help as it will help to strenghten, hydrate and nourish the fibre to reduce the risk of hair-fall from breakage. Your personalised routine starts from the 1st step, according to your hair type you’ll choose to bathe with Bain Hydra-Fortifiant or Bain Nutri-Fortifiant. 

Bain Hydra-Fortifiant is specially designed for fine hair or oily hair with dry lengths. It gently removes sebum and pollution particles, reinforces fibre to reduce the risk of hair-fall due to breakage. 

Bain Nutri-Fortifiant will help thick dry hair to fight hair-fall. Its rich formula removes dirt and excess of oil while providing intense nourishment. Its gentle cleansing action soothes and hydrates hair from root to tip, leaving a lightweight feel. 

Follow by reconstructing and softening with the Fondant Renforçateur, protect your hair from heat with the Defense Thermique and finally activate the scalp with the Serum  Anti-Chute.