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Thinking about changing up your look? If you need inspiration, we’ve collected the current most popular hairstyles for men including fades, quiffs, pompadours among other classic hairstyles. It doesn't end at just haircuts since it also turns out that hair colouring is more popular with men than ever! If you’re in the mood to try out a new haircut, style or colour then you can book your hair appointment by calling Mova Hair Salons via the links below so we can create the perfect men’s hairstyle for you.

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fade hairstyles for menFade Hairstyles

Fades are a popular choice with men and can be styled in a few different ways that all have a modern look.

The Low Fade is very short and low and starts to blend into more length around the temples, whereas the Mid Fade starts typically above the ears, blending perfectly into longer hair.

The High Fade starts very high above the ears and creates a more dramatic look, and then there's the Skin Fade which gradually tapers your hair from virtually bare skin at the sides and back up to medium-length hair at the top, giving a sharp and bold look overall.



classic mens hair ideasClassic Men’s Hairstyles

There are lots of classic hairstyles for men to choose from but one style that you can always rely on is the 'short back & sides'.

This is a great low-maintenance hairstyle for men who want a neat haircut that's easy to manage yet still looks stylish.

It’s also a style that never goes out of date but if you decide to go for this classic look just make sure to visit us again in 6 weeks' for a tidy up to keep it looking sharp!



fades quiffed hairstyles for men at Surrey salonsQuiffs & Pompadours

Men’s hairstyles with quiffs and textured looks are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a modern gent’s hairstyle.

Quiffs are a versatile option that involves sweeping your hair upwards and forward to create a stylish, voluminous look for your hair.

Another great style is the pompadour haircut, where your hair is styled to create height and much more volume at the front, giving you a look that's both sleek and sophisticated.



mens hair colour experts in SurreyHair Colour For All

Every year more & more men are getting their hair coloured, so why not join them with a men's hair colour appointment at Mova!

Our colourists can blend away unwanted grey hair by colour-matching your hair to give you an immaculate look. Or you can choose to enhance your natural hair colour with subtle highlights or lowlights.

If you want to try something different you could even have fun with a fashion hair colour!

Please note:  If you are new to hair colour or have not had a colour appointment in the past 6 months+, you will need to come in for a quick allergy alert test.

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