4 Festival Hair Trends You Need To Try

Festival season is fast approaching, and we’re already ‘cooing’ at the latest summer hair trends that you can expect to see at some of the UK’s best festivals.

This is a hair trend that doesn’t want to go away. So much so, super model Jourdan Dunn rocked show-stopper lilac tones through her locks at Coachella this year. It’s quite a commitment, but if you’re a dare devil hair chameleon, then you’ll be right on trend with pastel hues this summer.

If you’re still holding onto your crimpers from the 80s and 90s, then you’re going to thank us. This summer, crimping is extremely hot for festival season. But, not like a 1980s hair horror show, no no. Take random 3mm hair strands and crimp. Simple! Wear your hair down or tied back.

Ever tried the braid crown? Well, it’s like that but reversed. Separate the hair into 4 individual sections and braid each of them. Once you’ve created 4 braids, take a handful of bobby pins and pin around the side and back of the head. Get creative and feel free to pin accordingly! There’s no right and wrong recipe for hair placement.

Kate Bosworth nearly broke Instagram with her simple, yet amazing alien-esque braid at Coachella this year. What’s more, it’s incredibly easy to recreate! Section off a 1cm piece of hair in the centre parting from the front of your hair line to the nape of your neck. Clip the two remaining pieces of hair away from the middle section to make skull plaiting easy. Once clipped away, start to skull plait the centre section back to the nape of the neck. This might be fiddly, but make sure to secure with an elastic once done. And, wallah!

Check out Elle’s tutorial for the half-up half-down braid here!