Ellie Kimble

Our Head Apprentice Ellie Kimble has wanted to be a hairdresser since she was a child.  She is now realising her ambitions by learning all she can about cutting, colouring, styling, blow drying, hair up (and more!) at the Mova Academy. Let’s find out more…

Which hair style or colour do you love creating?  My favourite aspect of hairdressing is colouring, the options of what you can do with it is endless and it’s interesting to find out the end results.

What do you love about being a hairdresser?  I enjoy creating new hairstyles, it’s the career I’ve always wanted to be in since I was young.

Which celebrity would you like to see walk through the salon doors?  Kylie Jenner. She changes her hair colour so frequently and always manages to pull it off. 

What inspires you?  Being in the hair salon every day. 

If you were stranded on a desert island, which three hair products could you not live without?   Heat protector, dry shampoo and serum. 

What is your ultimate ambition?  To be rich and successful.

How would you describe yourself in three words?  Laid-back, easy-going and hard-working.