Charlotte Jones

I have been with Mova since 2012, Mova is like a second family to me. We call ourselves a family as we spend more time with each other than we do with our own families.

I have been on a huge journey with Mova from starting as an apprentice and being fully qualified hairdresser on the shop floor to now becoming our front of house and salon manager at Mova Staines. 

My job is my passion in life. I love being the first smile you see when you come to the salon and the last smile when you leave the salon. I love the concept of making the salon run smoothing with clients and behind the scenes. 

I have a extra job role of making sure our social media is on point and updated for client if it may be salon news or showing off our Mova work. 

If I could give you three words to describe myself it would be.. friendly, positive, multi-tasker