Alice Smith

Hi, my name is Alice. I am a professional hair extensions specialist with nearly a decade’s worth of experience here at Mova. I always give my clients a thorough consultation so I can fully understand their needs and I apply the best and most up-to-date techniques when styling my clients’ hair. To give any client a beautiful and natural look with hair extensions, it is important to get the thickness, length and volume just right. 

I also love the results we can achieve with the Nanokeratin blow dry treatment which is a wonderful treatment to help tame, frizzy, unmanageable hair into beautifully smooth locks.

When it comes to creating hair colours, this is by far my main passion! The feeling I get from giving a client a beautiful hair colour is incredible. They leave the salon looking beautiful and feeling more confident about themselves This passion is what leaves me feeling motivated throughout the day.

In my spare time, I love browsing through hair images on the magazines or social media platforms such as Instagram to keep me on top of trends. This way I make sure I can offer every one of my clients the best looks.