Hot Hair Colours for Valentine’s

Hot Hair Colours for Valentine’s

Hot Hair Colours For Valentine’s Day at Mova Hairdressers in Staines & Virginia Water

After new romantic look this Valentine’s Day? Why not treat yourself to some new hip hair colour? Romantic hair colours include bold red hair colour, light pastel hair colours and the beautiful blonde hair colours. At our hair salon in Mova Hairdressing in Virginia Waters & Staines-upon-Thames, we strive to create lovely hair colours and achieving the quality result is our ultimate goal.

 If you’re new to hair colour, remember that you will require a quick patch test 48 hours prior to your colour appointment.

Hot Hair Colour #1:  Redheads


From fiery reds to rich coppery tones,, red hair colours are rich and intense, perfect if you are after something sultry and bold this summer. 

We have many red hues can to suit all age groups and if you need help finding your very own unique shade of red, contact one of our salons below and one of our expert hair colour technicians will be happy to help.

 Hot Hair Colour #1:  Blonde Hair

blonde, ipswich hair salons

A great hair colour that suits a lot of skin tones and styles is blonde hair. If you’re unsure as to which blonde hair colour is the right hair colour for you, speak to one of our team for a free hair colour consultation

Hot Hair Colour #3:  Natural Looking Balayage

Are you searching for a softer, natural-looking hair colour look this Valentine’s? If yes, balayage may be the look you’re after! The technique involves painting or sweeping colour through your hair for a sun-kissed look.  This is a great low-maintenance hair colour as your root regrowth will be less noticeable with balayage.  Another low-maintenance hair colour option is ombré which is a more obvious two-tone hair colour with a defined line between the two colours.  Balayage means ‘to sweep’ or ‘paint’ in French. 

Hot Hair Colour #4:  Pink Hair

ches. Our hair colour experts are proficient at creating pastel and peach hair colours, perfect for Valentine’s day.
If you’ve seen a colour you fancy, make sure you show it to your colour technician at our hair salon to ensure we get your colour spot on for Valentine’s Day!