COVID 19 Salon Measures

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your continued support through these strange and difficult times. This page is designed to outline all of the measures in place within the salon to ensure a safe visit for all. 

As of 12/04/2021, at both salons, we will be coming together to work as a full team once again. We have added extra measures to ensure that you still feel as safe and secure as possible during your visit. 

Most recent edit – 31/03/2021


​Please enter the salon wearing your facemask. If you do not have a mask we have a limited number available but please be aware that if we are unable to provide one we may not be able to continue your appointment. If for any reason you are exempt from wearing a face covering, please let us know ahead of time so that we are able to make the salon teams aware ahead of your visit.

We request that you arrive at your appointment time – not earlier or later – this is so that we can avoid using any areas where people may gather, such as the reception area. 

​Upon entering the salon your stylist should be ready to greet you.

Your coat taken at the reception area.

Please limit the number of belongings you bring to your appointment. Handbags are fine; however, we will ask that no other items are taken through to the salon area.


​In the salon, you will be kept 2 metres from all other staff and clients for the duration of your visit wherever possible. If this is not possible we have now installed clear screens between each basin, as well as some movable screens which can be positioned in between sections if necessary. 

We will provide you with a digital magazine platform. We have a limited drinks menu available to clients visiting for colour or any service which requires you to sit alone for a length of time. If you would like to bring a drink with you, please ensure it is in a sealed bottle. We would kindly ask that you do not bring any food items and take all belongings, including rubbish, with you when you leave.

​Your stylist will be wearing the following PPE – Face Shield Visor which extends below the chin and wraps around either side of the face & a type II surgical face mask. 

​If your face covering is not disposable and the risk of staining due to the colouring process is unavoidable, we may provide a disposable mask in those instances only.

​These are the measures we are taking to ensure the salon stays infection-free:

​·    Temperature checks on all staff each morning before work

·    Staff will change PPE and wash hands thoroughly between appointments

·    All equipment will be sterilised between appointments

·    The salon section you are seated in will be cleaned thoroughly after each appointment

·    Items which are touched frequently will be disinfected after each use where possible and every hour otherwise

·    Your visit will be single contact wherever possible

·    Your gown and other protective measures will be single-use.


​Your payment will be taken by your stylist at the end of your appointment, or during your colour development process if applicable.

Please pay using contactless card methods where possible, however, we will sanitise the card payment terminal after every use. Re-booking is recommended at the end of your visit to ensure future appointments and priority.


​Most importantly, we ask you to be vigilant in monitoring your own health.

For the good of the entire team and every client visiting us, we would ask that you please refrain from attending your appointments if you have ANY symptoms of illness, relating to coronavirus or otherwise.

It is imperative that our staff stay healthy so that they can continue to work and we must ensure that our clients feel comfortable in the environment.

If you do attend your appointment with symptoms of any kind we will not be able to carry out your appointment.

If you have a long-term condition which causes symptoms of illness but is not contagious please inform us when booking your appointment.

​To further continue to limit contact with others we kindly request that you please attend your appointment alone.

If you or someone in your household has travelled abroad, we would kindly request that you leave 14 days before attending any appointment at the salon.

​If you have been to the salon and display Coronavirus symptoms within 14 days we would please ask that you inform us as part of our responsibility to track and trace.



​Due to the strict guidelines, we are having to adhere to we will need to stick as closely to the appointment slots allowed as possible. If you arrive late, depending on your booking, you may still be seen for a reduced service.

In these instances, you will still be charged for the appointment timing you have booked. If we are unable to carry out your service due to lateness you will be asked to re-schedule.

Please note that your deposit will not be carried forward as it will be used to cover the cost of the missed booking.


​We are doing our utmost to ensure that we are booking the correct length of time for each individual appointment – gone are the days of one person at the basins while we finish the one in our chair!

As you can appreciate, this has many variables and so there may be instances where we don’t get it exactly right.

If your stylist is running behind you may be informed by text message and asked to delay your arrival.

This may be to ensure that our workspace has been properly sanitised before your arrival and so please be patient with us in this instance.


We have re-introduced a limited drinks menu for clients who are visiting us for colour or any service which requires you to sit alone for a period of time.

These will be served in single use take-away cups.

Your stylist will offer you a drink when the first part of the service is completed and you can safely remove your face covering when at a safe distance from everyone else in the salon.


​Whilst we understand that unavoidable situations may occur, the deposit scheme is to protect our business and staff from loss of earnings.

If we are able to fill your appointment, we may be able to carry your deposit forward for your next booking and we promise to remain fully transparent if this is the case.


​We have now simplified the new structure. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding pricing – we are always happy to help!

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