Shekinah Kerr

Say hello to our Beauty Therapist Shekinah Kerr who joined the Staines family in June 2016 when we added some great beauty services alongside our fabulous range of hair services.   Shekinah answers some fun questions to give you an insight into what makes her tick…

What do you love about your job? Making people feel beautiful inside and out.

Which celebrity would you like to see walk into the salon?  Vin Diesel. I’d give him a massage, because he’s my celeb crush!

Which three beauty products would you take with you if stranded on a desert island? Special cleanser, exfoliator and an SPF 50 moisturiser.

What is your ultimate ambition? To become a special effects make-up artist. 

How would you describe yourself in three words? Smiley, loyal and hardworking.